what jump starts you?

i went and saw a spanish film this weekend called "pan's labrynth". it's somewhat, no scratch that!, it's really visceral in parts...vic bamboozled me. i thought i was going to see a child's movie...not so much. it was a beautiful story though. i recommend it to folks that need to see something different and fresh.

this weekend was pretty darn good. i woke up this morning and my eye was killing me once again though (groan) so vic's been nursing me thru my pain. i don't know how i'm gonna get home tonight...i hate sundays. lazy days never last long enough. i played around on myspace today. i found some people from one of my old acting classes. it inspired me to call tvi tomorrow and start on the path to getting some real substantial work in hollywood.something just has to shake you to the bone i guess. other things are pushing me forward too though. it's crazy what actually motivates us finally to stop talking and start moving. i think all of life works that way...a series of jump starts that force us to go. i wonder if anything just naturally works without some type of of something. an interesting question. i'll keep thinking on that one...some how my theory has its positive and negative themes.


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