to the zoo we go!

i don't know why i'm so obsessed with reliving the days of my youth but i've been the biggest kid lately. my best friends birthday trip to los angeles is just gonna make it worse. we're heading to the san diego zoo (i've said that before but oh well im excited. i'm allowed.) with vic and it's gonna be the bomb! i can't wait to play around with those two goofballs. i've been preparing for the mini road trip...jen and i are road trip gurus...there must be certain snacks packed, beverages, tunes...the works. we'll wake up at the butt crack of dawn and be off. (vic's thrilled about the a.m. launch let me tell ya) so far it looks as though we'll do the zoo thing all day, then go back to our hotel, shower up, go to dinner with my buddy akiba and then we're off to the gas lamp district.

the last time vic and i went to san diego was memorial weekend and of course we spent the whole time in la i have to go back. i'm gonna have my two favorite peoples in the world hanging. life's would be complete if b was there. she was gonna go but alas she's the world's best mommy so she can't hang.

so that's it. today was the slowest day EVER but it's flying by now. i've shopped for groceries, cleaned up...i'd say i'm pretty much about ready for jen to finally get here! ahhhhhhhhhhh!


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