life's too short

the heart is a fickle thing. i can't figure it out or maybe i'm not meant to right now. i know every day my heart is a little less heavy and i'm willing to live with that.

basically it comes down to this. there's a moment in every relationship where something clicks...either for the better or for worse. this time it just clicked for the worst. the tomboy in me shakes my head at some of the stuff i did with vic...sigh lol... what putzes we all can be. did i spell that right?

what brought about my ability to look at my last relationship with a new perspective? ex boyfriend from kc called me this weekend to tell me a good friend of ours had passed away. my heart stopped again. the guy was young...younger than me. life's too short for me to focus on this stuff for too long. i'm going to be ok. i am ok. hopefully when the one comes along i'm ready for him and i've let go of all the bad stuff so i can enjoy the good stuff. life's too short

this is still going to be a great year. my girlie gets married. i get a break in acting : ) it's all goodi've got months of good times ahead of me.

so yeah...the blogs will be getting lighter.

peace and hair grease folks.


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