it's a new year it's a new day

happy new years!!!

2006 is over and since nothing too spectacular happened, i'm not sad to see it go. on new years eve vic and i dudded up in our best and went out for an early dinner alone in city walk. it was pretty frickin fantastic. we went to this sushi restaurant, toasted over some saki and just cut up for an hour or so. i've spent new years with boyfriends in the past, but this one took the cake. it was just fun and spontaneous. we followed that up with a party at a friend of his. this wasn't just any party though. it was my first time to meet the folks that he basically grew up with and consider to be family. it's crazy how nervous i was and shy (totall not like me right?!) but it lifted quick and i met some really cool folks. considering all the drama from the past year i was really appreciative that they were so cool. one thing i've figured out this seriously has twists and turns that you never see coming.

i do wish for the day when all my buds can be with me when the apple drops..maybe once i'm an actress with a party planner that dream can come true. speaking of....

the goals for 2007:

first and foremost my acting career. no more of this lazy compliant bull crap. i've given myself until the end of the week to complete a strategic plan for jump starting my dream. i figure if i tell the world what i plan to do i'll be more likely to keep at it.

i plan to start frickin getting back in shape so that i can walk up stairs without heaving. i.e. a gym membership

i plan to read more cuz i sucked at finishing books in '06. i can't be me without a good book in imagination goes kurplunk..i start obsessng about my own life in unhealthy ways...that's never good. gotta take the focus off of the chaos at times.

i plan to dress up more often and be more girlie lol...i admire girls in los angeles that are always put together. my boyfriend laughed at me when i described my style as east coast nerd...oh well. i tried right? chele and b help me!

and last but not least i'm going to pay off my frickin debt while still going after the actions that will help me with acting. it's possible. anything and everything is.

this is going to be a great year. i wore red undies and ate 12 grapes for good luck. (vic's mom taught me that one!). i'm focused and driven.

just like heaven in the '07 : ) it's gotta rhyme folks!

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Posted Date: : Dec 27, 2006 9:02 PM

we've still got lots of time before new years day...before the point of uber reflection but i can't help myself...last weekend was hard core for me. the weekend started out with me being kind of fluish...always nice, but i pulled myself together nonetheless on Sat morning in time to get up at 4:30 in the morning, catch my shuttle and sit thru 2 hours of security at the airport. i did it! i got thru layovers in denver and got to kc in one piece...just a couple of hours later than i thought, went to my mom and dad's party and that's where the fun began. i can't tell you how amazing it was to walk into that house and see not only my mom and dad's closest friends and family members, but my friends too...everybody celebrating the entity known as "tom and sue". i feel like i'm dreaming some days. it feels me up with so much happiness to see my parents back at it and in love. it makes life just a little bit easier to deal me a little more courage to embark on my own family pursuits...allows me to believe in the power of love as corny as that sounds. i had a BLAST hanging out with my two younger sisters, my best friend and buds...we drank red wines...some not so mom has a horrible infatuation with white zins....gross! and just celebrated those two. they said their vows to each other and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. my sisters and i made a toast to i said, sometimes i feel as though i'm dreaming with those two.

that night i stayed with my best bud at her parents' new home and almost got in trouble for giggling into the wee hours of the night....all i have to say is "sticky" jen...sticky!!!

the rest of the weekend was a blur...we woke up on christmas eve and i got to hang with her and her whole fam and it was great...basically second family with some killer new orleans recipes. life was grand that day. when i arrived home my parents were out shopping together for gifts so i just hung out with my sisters, wrapped all my gifts and went and saw a movie with one of my favorite people in the world, marcus. (repeat movie: the was just that good folks!)

christmas day i was woken up early (parents were quite excited to give us our gifts) i got some great things..the kind of things that are specific to you as a person...the kind of gifts that make you feel good knowing someone knows you that friends and fam are pretty darn great. the only downfall was i had to also get on a plane that day...i spent the afternoon and evening flying home...funny that i call los angeles home boyfriend, bless his heart, knew that i'd be a little emotionally torn. it was good to see him (spending the holidays away from the ones ya love is hard man!) but man i'm a momma's girl!!!

summed up the weekend couldn't have gone any better. my family's back in one piece. the full weight of that sentence hasn't really hit me 100% yet. i'm working on it though. i feel like i'm in a haze most parents, my boyfriend, my friends...i feel so blessed to have collected all of these people...i'm almost numb to the happiness if that's possible.

tomorrow my bedroom furniture arrives and i'll no longer feel like a poor struggling artist..thank you santa!!! new years is coming up and the boy plans to endulge my fantasies...he's trying to gather friends together that want to stay in and play board games : ) gotta love the guy!!! i'll have an acting blog up soon. i have to think a little bit more before that one will come to fruition.

happy holidays ya'll!!!

p.s. did anyone get kissed underneath the mistletoe?


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