it's about the definitive work

today's theme:

hearing and seeing the old in a new light...

years ago i met this guy and i fell in love. we dated for a couple of years. we lived together and oops he cheated and broke my heart. at that point my darling best friend made me this cd called "a new beginning". i pulled it out of my cd collection this morning and put it on my ipod before i went to work. it's crazy how songs i've heard over and over again can take on whole new meanings a second time around.

although i'd hope i wouldn't have to keep finding new meaning in break up songs...that ish is played out! ha!

now i'm watching love enough said. this flick is brilliant i say.

today though the romantic debbie downer tish was coupled with starry-eyed T

i called my acting coach--who has proven to be WAY more than just a coach for acting--and she gave me some homework assignments and some much needed love. she always has this way of saying sincere sweet things that totally encourage me and keep my heart beating for my dream. she sees it happening for me and coming from her...this amazing means the world to me.

tuesday was a good day. wednesday will be even better. i'll start my acting homework : ) this is the year for change. i've accepted the somewhat bad and now i'm ready for the great : )


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