i heart ipods

so vic has finally pulled me over to the cool side. he gave me an ipod for christmas. not just any ipod...the 80 gig ipod! 20,000 songs baby...i think it's a challenge. i have about 200 cds...how many songs is that? anywho, i've turned into one of those scary individuals that lock their behinds in their rooms to download delightful goodies. i'm attempting to put sex and the city, season one on oscar right now (oh, did i mention i named him?...oscar the little gold statue, not the grouch)

vic's gift totally helped me out today too. i had a bad one. acting stuff fell thru...i was walking back to my car after the worst interview ever sniffling to myself when it occured to me that i could go home and play. i perked up immediately--just what i needed.

i'm so happy that i have music at my fingertips...i have a bud i went to college with who got an ipod i swear before anybody else and he would be uber proud of me. (shout out to corn!)

i think my f.w.i. (friends with ipods) need to feed oscar cuz he's really hungry right now. i even put pics in that puppy. the current monkey picture on my myspace page as a matter of fact. are you all bored with this blog? have i truly nerded up? i can't help myself. just can't : )

i heart my ipod!


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