hang over hang ups

i committed the cardinal mistake.

i got drunk to get over a dude. i did shots of tequila. i danced on a table. i said "whooo!" at least 5 times. i had a blast, but i woke up this morning with the room spinning, flashbacks of the night before flashing all over the place, funky breath...ugh : ) good times. break ups aren't for the weak.

for real though, guys are so scary out there. These dudes that approached me thought i'd be this floozy easy chick cuz i was an r.d.c. (recently dumped chick). ewww. that's just disgusting and stupid. even typsy i wanted to sock two of them. dating and blogging will be very interesting. i so hope i have nothing with which to entertain ya'll with. no weirdos, no psychos, no pressure peeps, no jerks.

back to the party though. my girl e had a fabulously fantastic birthday bash at this cool little bar down in hollywood. it was blue and perfect. her friends are a hoot...it was just one of those nights where it's good to be fun and crazy. these guys kept coming up and telling me how beautiful she and all her friends are. my girlie has a pretty life full of wonderful people that love her dearly : ) if someone asks we should all say we have pretty lives lol. it's a good conversation starter.

ok i did it. i had a great weekend filled with girlie tea parties, friend sleep overs, sex and the city chit chat sessions, bar lounges and pep talks.

all in all... it was pretty. week one complete. heart still in tact. i kept going...even though i really didn't think i could. better than the bump i was last weekend. i'm gonna be ok.


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