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i'm sitting in my bedroom listening to my straight-laced neighbor sing some awful song at the top of his lungs. i'm finding this very amusing. he is living proof that guys are just as cheesy as us ladies. : ) i'm sure he's wearing pink undies and has a brush as a mic too. no?

i have a couple of things i couldn't shake out of my head that i thought i'd share this evening...the first being this new restaurant i visited last night in woodland hills. it's called uwinks and it's absolutely eccentricly cool. (did i just invent another word?) each table has its own computer so you order, reorder, all of that when you want. the food and service comes hella quick too. very new age cool. there's even games you play once you have your food. there's still some kinks in the system but for the most part it's cool. you can have birthdays there and they'll flash pictures of whatever on the walls...i was diggin it. anyways, vic and i were playing around and came across some numerology stuff so i plugged in my info and i swear every single thing i could pull based on my numbers warned me that i have this incredible drive for power and money and i have to learn to balance it or else i'll end up alone..nice and positive right? the crazy thing is i wasn't upset about the alone part...i was more interested in the fact that i'm going to have wealth and power lol...which to mean translates into i'm gonna make it lol. is that totally warped of me?

my best friend assured me that she won't let all of that go to my head (i'm pretty grounded so i don't really think it would be a problem) but nonetheless..i have a back up humble checkers.

another thing--today my girl b got me to open up about something i won't even write down in my own frickin journal...i told her one of my worst insecurities i've developed lately...i swear it's cathartic to purge that ish out but basically why is it easier for me to open up about something so painfully private to my true buds and not my darn book that no one will ever read? i'm a little backwards but at least it reflects the awesome buds i have.

i'm sitting down eating an uncrustable--my favorite pb&j sammie--while inhaling lysol...i've been feeling a little buggish so i'm trying to zap it before anything major happens...i can't get sick this week.

the best bud is coming down. we are going to san diego. we are going to the zoo. we will see the monkeys and whatever else my girl wants cuz it's her birthday and she's cool like that. so basically no getting sick. this week has to rock. it's seriously been a great motivator..with the work days i've been having i need all the help and zoos i can get!!!

alright. i'm a domestic diva tonight. i'm cooking for the boy. oh yes...i have d.d. skills ya'll never knew! (pinkberry for dessert!!!)


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