girl's night

i just had the best girl's night ever! my good friend came to visit and invited me to hang with her and some of her wonderful buds down in santa monica. i of course brought my girlie, b, and we had a blast sitting around two tables, drinking mojitos (well at least me anyways) and chatting away. it's quite lovely when sister girls can get together and talk about literally anything and make it sound clever and hilarious. i laughed my little butt off.

for all of you non cali folks i had a celebrity spotting too....none other than tyra banks...oh yes. i totally kept rubbernecking too and even tried to take a cell phone pic. yes i did. i should have taken pics with my cam of the whole group, but alas, i was three sheets to the wind so that wasn't happening.

there was one woman there who is an up and coming actress that you'll be seeing on the big screen soon. i couldn't help but stare at her. she's doing what i dream to do. i sat at the table, chowing down on spinach dip and mojitos while this gorgeous woman sipped her hot water with lemon lol...i've got some stuff to work on. it was cool to be in the presence of such women though. i'm glad i got to bring b too. los angeles has its handful of good girlfriends...when you find them you have to hang on to them for dear life. these girls just all came together like it was the most natural thing in the world.

gotta love my life. the same twists and turns that make me want to collapse are the same ones that me wonder how i got so lucky.


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