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Words are funny funny things. Most of the time I say a million words a day without any thought on what they truly mean…sound like I'm talking a bunch of nonsense? Take the word relationship for instance. This word up until lately is a word I've used many many times but the significanse of the darn thing didn't ring a bell for me until I entered into my current one with the boy. At that point, the meaning of the word jumped up and basically bit me on the butt….along with compromise, reality checks…lol. I don't know if this just comes with age…I'm sure there are countless others who learned quite a few years before me what it takes to have something real but I swear not even when I was engaged did I consider someone else's life quite as much as I currently do.

it's bonkers ya'll! totally foreign. i like it though : ) it's one of the only perks of being an adult.

This is all new to me…it opens up other things as well. For instance, I've always known my best gal pal is the best thing on this earth, but I never really comprehended the word loyal until recently. Do you know how absolutely wonderful it is that someone gets me thru and thru?! I can screw up and do some pretty questionable things at times (never intentional) but nonetheless stupid and it doesn't matter. She's there. Like Brown on rice…only she would get that by the way.

i had a looong day at work but it was such a good day. i totally knocked out cold symptoms, i found out a good friend of mine gets to keep working with me (we started at our current company together, but she hasn't gone permament yet--still a temp) which rocks cuz she has a child and needs the darn money, laughed my butt off at lunch with my girls, realized just how batty i am as a girlfriend but how lucky i am that vic is patient enough to put up with my random bouts of utter girl-ness...had an aha moment about my best bud coming in two couldn't be better guys. today had to be a good day for everybody...and if it wasn't, write me and we'll talk : )

can i just tell ya'll that i'm uber excited for sunday night too cuz my chica will get to hang with some of my girlfriends finally. i swear the last time i came out she must have thought i was fabricating all the good peeps i had met out here.

my timer for my rice just went off. rice cereal and the labrynth. what could be better than that? fred even called and i'm STILL beaming from ear to ear. : ) ain't life grand?


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