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what a weird week. it went by so quickly. a whir really. things are swell but i just can't catch my breath. it doesn't help that my day of reflection has turned into national gimp day. i woke up this morning, scratched my eye and slit it...yes, slit it. that on top of a tiny cold that keeps trying to sprout up have left me not so in the mood to sit back and analyze how life has been going. i'm gonna try hard though.

acting--no new news. someone recently contacted me about attending the "all of us" staff party, but i don't know if i'd count that as acting...more so feaux networking.

relationship--the guy is great at christmas time. i've never dated someone who volunteerily loves to sit and watch old christmas flicks together. last night i sat and made christmas gifts for the peeps at my job, we watched a movie, he cut ribbon and i tied. it's the little things folks.

friends--it's crazy how my buds seem to all posess qualities that seem to hit you at just the right time. one friend can make you laugh at the drop of a hat, one friend makes you feel as though you can change the world, another helps you out with your best friend's upcoming bachelorette party...another makes your heart do flips (i date that one). this morning i was listening to the radio and while the commercial was trying to get people to buy (consumer greed rearing its ugly head at christma time) it struck a more positive was saying don't look at gift buying as a chore but rather a priviledge showing you just how lucky you have people to that you can give back to--more importantly you have friends. i like it. mikey likes it folks!

i think i'm rambling, but it's friday night and i'm enjoying being some what bored for a bit before i have to knock into gear and start doing big kid errands. there's still a lot on my mind this christmas...i think this blog is long enough though. tgif!!!



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