it's not your beauty it's your booty?

i have a bud who may or may not be going thru something but for the moment i assume she is and she's done something that i've seen happen many a time with females...heck i've even done it myself...

when i was engaged oh so long ago and i found out that the guy married another WHILE we were engaged my first response was to cut my hair and scratch up my face. sounds dramatic but when you're dealing with that type of disgusting heart break the first thing you want to do is destroy the one thing that you believe initiates the disgusting relationship...your beauty. he saw you, he saw something in you and voila! he was drawn in enough to put you in the position you're now in.

This isn't a select few women either. girls are taught from the time they can walk and smile their pearly whites that their beauty is fact some believe it's what determines their worth. why is that and why can't we stop it? i'm too tired to get into all of the details of that and the sidenote companions such as female jealousy and so forth. i just brought it up irresponsibly i guess. the easy answer is my friend may very well be fine and dandy and i totally read her wrong, but just in case i want her to know that beauty and men don't mix..they don't get it and that's not our fault...ever. (and that includes our inner beauty too sister!)


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