i'm on a polar high

ahhhh! i just got an email from the writer/author of the books that i love that are about to be turned into a tv series! yes my friends i'm still in the loop. i felt like a dork for continuously pressing this poor woman for info on any show progression...it's still in the business stages and she wrote me personally today and gave me some updates..small steps maybe, but great for my hopeful nature!!! coming out here, struggling to stay afloat, dealing with the lull of audition-less days is hard stuff. every little bit keeps me going though. more than people realize : ) so yeah for this monday! maybe i'm a tiny hustler down deep inside after all...

something on a completely different note. putting virus protections on your computer is a pain in the rear if you ask me. i've been working on it for over an hour now. where's my tech buddies when ya need 'em?!

as for the weekend: they're passing quicker and quicker lately but they are always a blast. this weekend my girlie vikkie came to visit and we had a jolly old time. it's crazy how much i missed the gal. as soon as i saw her all the memories of our slumber parties and hang outs came flooding back in and i just wanted to hug her and never let go! it was a short visit but i feel like we got some good stuff in...i took her to see some stuff around los angeles and we just chatted and cut up like we always did in the past. she's almost as crazy goofy as me...getting folks like us together is always a barrel of laughs. she even hipped me to some new stuff. we went to this non fat frozen yogurt spot that had the most delicious frozen yogurt i've ever had. it was so good i had to go back the next day. it's called pinkberry. holla at me folks if you ever want to go. i'm always down. that stuff is nectar sent from the gods i say! it made my day just that much better...good weather, icecream and good company made for an excellent weekend.

gotta love life! PLUS it's december! it's christmas time which happens to be my favorite holiday/month. life's grand i say...just grand.


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