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i don't know why but life is throwing me some major hurdles to try to get me to stay in los angeles for christmas. i've had this weird nasty bug for the last couple of days that has left me drained and rediculously exhausted. i actually sat near the potty the other night praying that i didn't get the flu..i HAVE to get home. i have a layover in denver lol...yes folks. i HAVE to get home though. i'm crossing my fingers. i don't wanna wake up at 4:00 in the morning for nothing!

this should be a fun christmas. i'm going home. i'm finally going to spend time with my complete family. life is good. it's crazy how we take that kind of thing for granted. not i...nope nope nope.

so yeah basically i arrive at 3 kc time, the parents are picking me up and then my best gal pal is meeting me at their place...followed by their marriage vow renewal and partying. christmas eve i'm catching up with the folks i love including my favorite person in the world, my godchild whit, and just kickin it...it should be nice and 'real' cold there. i'm bringing the mittens...it's crazy to think christmas will be over when i get back. it came so quick this year...time flies when you're having fun.

i'm on my way to bed early...i can't keep my eyes open for nothing but i've got a lot of people on my mind. it's a friday night...my la loved ones are all at parties or hanging with family...i miss 'em but i'm excited as heck to see home.




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