happy snafus

this is my bookworm confession.

so every body that knows me knows i love to read but lately...and i mean months ya'll i haven't even finished a single book. i just don't have the time to sit back and chillax but today i made a conscientious effort to sit back and read some good stuff. i just read an article discussing our inability as humans to accept our happy times. we thrive off of pain and suffering...basically admitting that nothing good can come of "easy" but rather pain. if you're into reading o magazine it's on page 277 : ) "taking a chance on joy". good stuff.

it's funny that i tend to be one such person. i feel almost guilty for the moments when i sit back and just enjoy life. i think it's hard to see the good at times though..it's always there but we get so caught up in the "big picture" we lose sight of the little things...life for instance the fact that i sat with my friend and her little boy today and helped him with his homework. he started out so frustrated and upset and by the end his page was full of correct answers and he had a big smile on his face. it's the little things. i avoided traffic today because i was running early this morning. i had great cinnamon tea...i read. i'm listening to a great song i haven't heard in many moons...i put a whole bunch of christmas flicks in my online movie queue so my boy and i can vedge out in style... even my snafus today had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt....it's the little things.

yeah i have a lot on my plate, and i worry but at this moment that's not important. today was a good day. i'm not going to consider being in a good mood as a bad thing anymore. i won't hide it ..i won't even delete this blog for fear of the pollyanna undertones it possesses : ) how about those apples?


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