man...early this morning i had a HORRIBLE dream that left me crying in bed. you know they're not real...you know it's over, but dang it left a mark that i just couldn't shake. i woke up ten minutes before my alarm clock went off without any kind of pep in my step. the rest of the day slowly but surely picked up but i started off in a fowl mood. why are dreams so powerful? i mean i couldn't hardly speak to people at my job because i just felt like curling up inside myself. dreams are powerful things i guess.

do you ever just have those blah days where you feel like nothing gets accomplished and you don't care if it stays that way? i really should do something..anything but i'm just not motivated in the least.

i'm creeping more and more inside myself and that's never a good thang my friend. i think i need a good christmas movie and some christmas card writing time. bet! i'm gonna stick to this pollyanna stuff if it kills me!

i do have one thing i've been wondering for a while that i can share...make this stuff blog worthy if you will. do any of you have someone that you have just determined has it all together?...ya like their style and how they work but you like it so much that it makes you feel like pooh? i know someone who i feel i'll never live up to...isn't that crazy to do to yourself? the bad thing is i shouldn't like this person at all. it makes it harder for sure. do we all have someone we secretly hate to admire?

one more thing: i got an unusual audition notice today. the audition is to appear on one of those fashion shows where they tell you, you suck at dressing and then give you money to go do your thing. if any of you have ever seen my attire you know this is the perfect show for me lol...i had to make a request that i wanted to be more feminine...i've been labeled the "boybian" at my job...nice. maybe i'll get it and they'll make me perdy. i'll keep ya posted. thanks b for the jessica alba bit. i went with that : )


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