dr. jekyll and ms hyde

it's a funny thing. i love to act. i even actually enjoy modeling, but if you talk to me right before i'm about to do either you'll be surprised to find a griping nervous twit. i don't know why but i just freak out beforehand. it would come as no shock then to know that i woke up this morning dreading today...a day i would do both. i have this 9-5 job that leaves me drained so you'd think i'd jump at the chance to be in my element more often but alas no. well at least not until i actually got into what i was doing. this morning i met up with a clever little photographer to take some interesting and different shots i've always wanted to do...you'll see the finished project hopefully soon and although i was a peach beforehand i just came alive once we started. it just feels good to be in front of a camera and becoming a character and creating something fun. that ish lasted all day (really!) and i froze my little tail off but it was so worth it.

after that i went straight to a reading one of my buds put together. see that's the cool thing about los angeles. i have friends in the hustle trying to do the dang thing. this such friend just happened to have written a screenplay that she needed some creative input on. i was nervous out of my mind reading from something that could very well be labeled her baby but it was really fun and i came alive for the second time in one day...all in all i had a dang good day. so much so that i'm up at 11 something writing a blog on it...grammama usually can't do that ish!

on a side note. my guy won me something from an auction this weekend...i swear at times i feel like boys will never get me..not ever and then this dude comes along and finds not only a book by barack obama, a politician that yes people i actually admire and respect, BUT a SIGNED copy! my mouth fell open. the bookworm in me was highly impressed. life's crazy right?

ok the eyelids are getting heavy. until later!


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