toothpicks and chai tea

man it's been a long time since i've had a sunday and i'm loving every bit of it. back when i lived in kansas city every sunday was my day...i'd wake up in the the paper, go grab a chai tea from panera across the street, pop in some miles davis and enjoy my tish time. here i kind of lost my element, but it's coming back...and i LOVE it.

i have to have some kind of acting hope in order to be me i've decided. last week was really hard because i thought i was going to have to put that dream to the side for awhile, but then a friend told me i may have an opportunity to audition for a tyler perry play...this could be a good thing. i keep getting all of these great opportunities dangled in my face and i know deep down something's gonna come along. this all builds unbelievable character. i'll appreciate the sweetness cuz i've definitely experienced the bitter!

i've also been thinking about the whole modeling thing again. all these pretty girls in california had me down thinking i wasn't on the same level, but i'm waking up...the funny thing about modeling is you don't have to be drop dead gorgeous. you just have to look like a toothpick and have some dang confidence. i can do that! ha! i'm getting back to me. funny that i had this epiphany while watching chris rock in down to earth lol...we all have our moment, right?

hopefully things start to turn around. i'm in charge now :)


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