i'm back....

being in texas is so great...i got in yesterday around noon and it's been a nonstop walk down memory lane ever since. i'm driving by places where i used to play when i was 4, 5 years old...memories i had totally buried have resurfaced...first crushes, jr high dramas...lol. i think the people who stay near or in their home towns take their histories for granted some times. i forgot about childhood in a sense..coming back here showed me that. we went into a wal-mart last night to pick up some things for the wedding tomorrow and i was constantly looking around for someone i'd know.i love this place...cleburne's just as i left it which doesn't say a bunch but somehow that's comforting. today we're gonna drive by my old house that i grew up in...see if my basketball court is still in tact...this is the good life.

i think the best part of all is i get to share it with someone. vic is on his way as i write this....flying on a plane next to eric estrada lol. (gotta love los angeles!) he's a little under the weather but i bought him some stuff to keep his immune system appeased...he has to be fully alert to witness all this..it's important...it's what made me who i am today believe it or not. isn't it funny how geography can do that to a sister?

home sweet home...i heart texas...and not in the "texas is bigger and better ya'll!" kind of way : )

my girlie gets hitched tomorrow to a man that loves her to pieces and i couldn't be happier. i've known miss leigh anne since she was in kindergarten and i in the first grade. we go WAY back so this is a little hard for me...how fast we grew up...i'm finding out just how wonderful i have it.

take care ya'll...i'm coming back to los angeles with a twang!


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