stop chasing me unless you're ready to catch me

is that NOT the best quote ever for a tv show? i have to hand it to the writers of grey's anatomy....that's some good ish right there. it's an interesting subject too. ya hear how guys like the the girls that play hard to get....i even studied that ish in's a part of something called the "uniqueness theory"...we all want to be unique. we all want to have unique things which includes getting the guy or girl that no one else has been able to snag. it's a dangerous game though...and quite smart of the doc on grey's to ask about....if it's really about the chase then folks are seriously setting themselves up to being hurt. what happens when the guy finally gets the girl? ya gotta ask the other person...are they really ready to catch ya. i LOVE that dang show...i just do. : )

tomorrow is friday. i plan on spending a lovely evening chillin like a pauper with my main squeeze. nothing fancy schmancy. just enjoying the person i felt like catching : )


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