hoping for happenstance

i have found out alarming news today...my blogs have been used for evil. a good buddy of mine from work used one of my last blogs to pick up chicks...and it worked (duh i'm a pimp) but STILL! say it ain't so...sigh. boys. : )

there are some pretty good things happening in my life right now. the money situation is a hard one, but it's honestly teaching me how to budget and manage it in a responsible way. (point for tishy!) then there's the whole i'm leaving for texas in three days and i get to see my childhood best friend get married...amor...PLUS i'm bringing my guy home...an act i have NEVER done before...NO guy has EVER met the second fam...this is big stuff people!!! more goodness...two people that are very close to me may get back together and if that happens i would be the happiest tish in the world...the funny thing is i knew deep down that it wasn't gonna end and so if it doesn't that means that other hopes and gut feelings i have about my life are gonna happen the way i feel that they will. i'm hoping for happenstance that leads to my dreams. they say it's all luck anyways, right?

tonight heroes comes on and i'm obsessed with that ish...i swear i haven't been so excited for mondays since i was a frickin nerdy kid that loved going back to school! happy monday to all and to all a good night.


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