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i think i have eaten more this thanksgiving than any other one before. the turkey day was a good one...i love holidays that are layed back and stress free. i went over to my gal b's place and oinked out like i had never had a real meal in my life and then hung out with her and her fam just watching football and laughing our little stuffed heads off. after that i had to kick in to girlfriend mode and meet up with the boy to make the rounds which actually ended up being really cool. it's fun to see how others celebrate. his family eats later so we stopped by his buds' places and grubbed some more (yes if you're keeping count i've eaten a lot by this point) followed by dinner with his family which wasn't as nerve wracking as i imagined it would be. i made a pie and this chicken 'stuff' that my mommy taught me to make and they actually ate the stuff and didn't kill over. (always a good thing) then we just watched family stone (one of my fav's at the moment) and fell asleep. it was just really nice to spend the day with the ones i love around these here parts.

it's crazy how one day can make me feel. thanksgiving and christmas have always been big for me. there's just something about the holidays that leave me feeling complete..no matter how broke i may be, stressed i once was, angry i may have been...it all fades away and i'm left feeling thankful and extremely lucky to have the people i have.

happy holidays ya'll!!!


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