fly me to the moon

so sorry for the late blog but i didn't get a chance to sit down and rest on my laurels yesterday : ) myspace alone is probably one of my top sources of entertainment as of lately. i get a kick out of my bud's such bud is currently blasting some frankie that i absolutely much so that i asked vic to dance with me and the little bugger did....we danced to frank sinatra and it was heaven..all because of little ole myspace.

nights like last night (heroes rocked by the way!) are great set ups to thanksgiving holidays. the week's gonna be a good one. i'm not going home, but it's comforting to know that my mom and dad will be celebrating it together...that my sisters will have fun and i'll have my first mexican thanksgiving....complete with tamales and enchiladas. : ) PLUS my girl b and i are planning on taking a mini vacation together this weekend and catch up. we tend to go thru weird periods of time without seeing each other...then we get back together and laugh our little butts off. those are the best people to have around you during the holiday season. : )

i'm really having a hard time blogging lately. i have so much running thru my head, but it's not really stuff blog worthy, ya know? i just keep hoping for the big break, the big questions, the big time : )

p.s. vic made me get in a frickin prius, my dream car, last heart strings were little dream toy...right in front of me...and i can't have it..the worst form of window shopping...sigh


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