babel and beer

i just got back from watching the movie, "babel" down on the 3rd street promenade. it's peaked my interest for some time now. i thought i knew the jist of the movie...language barriers that prevent a group of people from achieving their goal...kind of like the tower of babel...a story vic hipped me onto, being that i'm not really a biblical afficianado but i don't think the movie was that simple to break down. i need more dialogue so everyone needs to see it so i can talk about that ish. as of right now the only thing i can say about it is "phenomenal acting on every actor's parts"...definitely made me thirsty for that type of work...weird of me?

this was a weird weekend i must say...we all have the cabability of listening to other's perceptions of us and deciding whether or not the opinion is worth an insightful look into ourselves...i decided it was...i'm quite dramatic if you haven't figured that out. i'm easily moved...stressed if you will : ) so i tried to calm my self down...take time to process...more help on my "fobfo-ing" it was nice. we're all works in progress right?

life's too short for me to constantly be worrying about the things i worry about. i vow to enjoy my friends and family more...and still manage to get my dream...i'm a multi tasker. this shouldn't be hard : )

oh! new great things...i tried a beer tonight that i actually liked...yes, this is huge for the mixed chick with irish coming out of her ears. it sounds like the "heifa" with something at the end lol. that's all this sister can remember, but i was proud of myself...even if i had to ask vic how to order it...i'd like whatever whatever on opposed to i'd like whatever whatever in a glass : ) i'm learning folks!


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