vanilla skies

on the way to work today i totally saw a vanilla sky and it was the most beautiful thing i've ever witnessed here in los angeles. i almost felt like i was in some sort of's when you sit back and just sigh with contentment...(acknowledging the color purple like ms. alice walker said).

i knew then that the monday moans and groans wouldn't be AS bad cuz of that sky. it was that good ya'll. so today was interesting. besides the hair conversations i had to have over and over again with the people screaming at me "what did you do to your hair?!" it was an ok monday. over the weekend i went and saw common perform at this local college, CSUN, and it was so cool/chill it seriously carried the good vibes thru sunday and today. i was laying in the grass with my girls chillin and life was just good. his music, if you haven't ever heard it, is what hip hop is supposed to be...that dope neo-soul/real hip hop, "i know where i've been and i know where i wanna go" type of mentality that causes the good kind of addictions...makes ya wanna go to the libray and read up! i love it! lol

so yeah this week i plan to see what i can do about my hair and the whole headshot thing...i plan to start looking for a new job, run some errands, hang with my girls as much as i possibly can, watch some good ole teevee ;) and just be the best tish i can be. the mopey "i miss my hair tish" is so played out. thanks e for slappin me with some realness.

life's swell. i can't complain. : )


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