new roomie, new location, new tude!

wow today is a good day!!! so on friday i found a listing in my email from this apartment search engine listing a girl who needed a roomie. i replied just for ishes and giggles and the girl actually turned out to be the perfect roommate! i met up with her and she's just really charismatic, sweet and outgoing. the place is fantastic and it's located in a really nice area that i'm TOTALLY comfortable with. it's as if everything just fell into place...i know my finances will be funny for a minute while i adjust but it's worth it. i love knowing i'll have a place, void of drama.'s lovely!

the cowboys are playing right now, i'm doing my laundry and organizing my life for the move and change to come and it's just swell. the new roomie "J" has some really awesome connections to the industry and may be able to help me out some...she said she's going to try to take me to some film i said, she's the perfect roomie! therefore i have to get my acting ish together. it's time to really live in los angeles...really live period.

i will say though that moving away from my girlie, b, will be sad. i'm not gonna think about that right now actually...can't kill the mood yo!

yesterday was really good too. i got a facial, which is something i haven't done for myself in a really long time. it was so calming and SO needed...i sat there in the dark after it was over drinking this great tea they gave me and i started blowing in it to cool it was weird and this is gonna sound totally hippie-ish but i started to think of myself as a fluid personality...i'm SO a water sign...i'm easily moved by others...if they're happy, i'm happy, if they're sad...etc. and for some reason figuring out that little part of myself was comforting.

so that's it for now...hopefully things are on the up and up :)


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