my actions have been misconstrued

we can't all be understood all the time...

i'm 25 and i'm just now figuring that out...more than that i'm learning i can't fight for understanding all the time either. some times i just have to let things go. the other day three individuals that i consider to be great human beings got caught up in a situation started by me. my intentions for sharing personal information were mangled and now those people think i intentionally did something horrible...that i'm calculating and malicious and that was a hard swallow for me yesterday. after talking with my best friend i feel better now about just letting the storm blow over (thanks jen!) but it really does hurt me to know that there are people out there in the world that seriously hate me and i can't blame them because given the information that was thrown at them i'd be upset with me too. growing up and being an adult void of drama is a hard hard thing at times.

when is it a good time to fight for your honor and when do you just have to let it go? lol...again, am i dramatic or what? you get my point though. every day i wake up and try to be the best tish i can be...i try to make people smile and it kills me when i accomplish the complete opposite. i've learned so much about myself and others in the last couple of months. i've learned i can forgive while being realistic, i've learned i'm dramatic as heck, that acting is seriously still my first true love and still gives me the butterflies, what doesn't kill me, makes me gangsta and most importantly i've learned i couldn't do ish without my friends and i wouldn't have it any other way. i feel like i'm growing up for the first time and just now hitting my rite of passage in life. hopefully these changes are for the better. hopefully...

my lesson for the week though...perceptions can change with the wind. judgements may form in seconds but character probes come with time.


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