the lakers win it!

today was a great halloween! i just got back from the lakers game and they freaking came back strong in the 4th quarter and won that ish! farmar, who is now my little homie on the team, did a fantastically swell job for his first nba season game ever. good job to the homies. it was actually a really cool experience. the staples center is really snooty i must say...they've got freaking pasta and sushi bars people! i mean it's a sports arena...what happened to hot dogs and beers?! lol...ya have to keep the la la's happy i guess. nba games are a lot quieter than i thought they would be. i didn't have to stand hardly at all...i just sat back and relaxed...14th row center court by the way....i could actually see the players mouths moving i was so close lol...gotta love that ish!

i had a howlin good time! some times i really love los angeles.


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