i've done it...

i'm 99.9% moved into my new place and it feels so good to be able to do that. it just feels good to come home from work and have a space of one's own. in my last apartment situation i lived with a woman that would snoop thru my things, check to see if i was keeping the place top notch clean...it was so unnerving. now that i'm here i realize just how miserable that version of home made me. never again...virginia wolfe was right on the money with her book.

this weekend was really labor intensive (obviously moving heavy things cuz you're too cheap to hire some movers will create that type of intensive environment) but my girlie rewarded me with tickets to see Tyler Perry's new play so it was oh so worth it. his play was the same as always, funny and touching. tyler perry actually popped up at the end much to everyone's surprise and spoke to the audience about his new film coming out in february "daddy's little girls" and how he refuses to take no for an answer in terms of getting his films and tv shows out to the world. it's inspiring for a chick like me.

friday night i met some of the boyfriend's buddies, one of which has been my myspace pal for months now. isn't that funny how myspace is? we've joked around and poked fun for months but when we met in person for the first time it was totally different...ya'll are probably saying "duh" right now, but i never realized just how different cyber life is...not as personal as i thought it was. but then again it is. i recently blogged about how two people misconstrued my intentions and how they hated me now because of it...i saw a comment on one of their pages from someone i don't even know that said some pretty hurtful things about me. i know, it's just myspace...i don't know these people...why should i care, but it does hurt. what are you supposed to do with that kind of hate?

things like that make me appreciate home more than ever. at least now i have a place to come home to and forget about all the bad stuff.

p.s. quick updates:

go see the prestige. it rocked! i dreamed about it afterwards it was so good!

i had an audition on thursday, which led to a callback on friday..and hopefully i can get the job now. cross your fingers guys! that could be a lovely plane ticket home for the holidays!


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