happy nacho libre day!!!

oh today was a glorious day. i went to work and had a dreadfully boring day filled with lots of computer love and head jerks from nodding off. i started to drive home and that's when the day opened up and became glorious. my boyfriend called to remind me that it was our new favorite holiday that i had made up a week prior....sort of national nacho libre day....yes you heard me right. i have deemed october 24th as nacho libre day. why? because the dvd came out today that's why! we went and picked up the movie and then we went to different mexican restaurants to pick up nachos...oh yes, this was a full out holiday complete with festive food, sayings and gifts. it was a beautiful day. PLUS if you buy the dvd right now you get a free pen that speaks to you! and it's different sayings from the pens you can find at target...yes, i already had that pen, what's your point?

so i laughed hard and the day turned around for me just like that. it's really great to have people in your life that make you laugh on a daily basis. i appreciate those folks more than ever lately. i have a really odd laugh that many deem fake (the nerve!) and whenever the man hears it it sends him into this weird cackle that makes me laugh even harder and then we're both laying on the floor moaning for the other to stop because we can't breath. last time i had a chuckle like that was with my girl b and we both agreed we lost 2 pounds a piece.

good times ya'll. don't forget the holiday next year...it's pretty frickin great!


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