feminine strength is a beautiful thing...

not to blast my friend's business or anything, but i have a good friend going thru a really hard time right now...a man she was seeing became a coward and thus she had to cut the relationship short...i went with her to get her things from his place and when i say i've never been more nervous and scared for my safety...if i wouldnt have been with my girls i don't know what would have happened. i seriously wanted to cry once it was all over because i felt so blessed to have such strong women in my presence. they gave me the strength and control i needed...we took on the bully and came out unscathed.

life's crazy like that...women are always put in little weak boxes and even i find myself surprised when moments of inner strength come out and take control. my mom just told me that women aren't built to be the physically strong ones...so we compensate by being the mentally strong ones. i kind of like that i must say.

i'm blessed to be a woman. i'm blessed i have women friends...boys you should really look and learn. : )


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