cuz it was cool like that

halloweeny weekend went off with a bang just like i thought it would. i had a slow start on saturday getting the costume and myself fact, i know i went and grabbed a starbucks but i still don't remember where i left that ish! i did get it together in just enough time for vic to get sick on me...yes, i was bummed. i had the bug costume ready to go but he pulled a superman on me and got better around 10:30 or so. we hurried up and dressed...he was bummed about his impromptu exterminator outfit so i let go of the couple crap and pulled into my 'clever costumes i've seen in movies' file and we went with that....thank you denzel washington in 'philidelphia" for the law suit costume. i researched absurd laws in different states and we safety pinned them to a suit he had in his closet...nice, eh? did you know that is illegal to sell your eye in texas? (singular..eye not eyes) it was a crowd conversation starter so it was all good. i looked very bug- like so it was all good.

the party itself was pretty dope. everyone had really cute and clever costumes...just clever for the grown ass men...and were extremely cool. i even met two long lost mulatta nation sisters! one of which i plan to see get married in cabo some time later this year.

the best part of all was getting to meet the people that vic grew up with basically. there were cats there from elementary momma always said there's something to be said for a person with old says something about their character. anywho, his friends, including his best friend/brother were really great about making me feel like i was old school/a part of the gang. it's hard some times being out here in cali with no family and none of the friends i've had over the years.vic's mom was really surprised to hear that i came out here by myself. it can be hard at times, but weekends like this one makes this place feel like home more than ever.

good weekend. it was just cool like that.


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