citizen cope

every once in a blue moon music moves me into this surreal place

yesterday my b surprised me with tickets to the House of Blues to see citizen cope. i'd listened to this cat perform before but when i say i got out there and fell in love. if you've never heard his music you should google him, go to his official web page and just listen to his music. he has this amazingly weirdly unique voice..i can't explain it but when i say it's this consistently beautiful sound. short white boy with nappy hair thrown back into a ponytail was seriously making me swoon.

i can't get the image of him out of my head....jen, he's totally coming to lawrence on october 27th...PLEASE go! he's performing again tonight at the house of blues too for all the los angeles peeps in the house.

the night was just set up to be great though...on the way in i bumped into spike the director for all you that live in a bubble...and all i could say was "i love your work"...i should have been saying "please make me your next halle berry! put me in one of your films!!!" but alas i did not because i was awestruck by the little biddy genius walking towards me. sigh...who says that? like the guy cares what a random chick thinks of his as long as i talked : )

well i'm off to work this fine Friday the 13th. you know it's my lucky day right? i LOVE being born on a 13th! should make for an interesting weekend...


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