all of the halloween costumes in los angeles involve some kind of hoochie attire. i want to be a cute little bug and instead i'm stuck with "sexy bug"..what the heck is sexy about a bug?! when i say this dress i have to wear is ridiculously scandelous...i'm gonna wear it as a shirt if b will let me get away with it and put on some's THAT short...scandelous i say!

so yeah, i'm gonna be a bug tonight...a luv bug to be exact and vic's gonna be an exterminator. lol...couple costumes....gotta love that ish! (this will probably be the one and only time i'm cute with him so i'll make sure to take pictures for the folks back home)

i just finished putting together a dresser that seriously i've been working on all week. it's quite pretty i must say and i'm totally feeling the "i am woman, hear me roar" stuff after assembling such a fine piece of wood work...hee hee.

so now i just have to focus on getting the rest of my luv bug attire and the boy's as well. the gang is heading out to a house party tonight and hopefully it's a barrel of laughs. i need a little ha ha action after the busy week that just passed. did anyone else feel like they were gonna scream?

something funny....someone from the oprah show called me the other day. at first i thought it was a prank but then they started discussing this story i submitted...yes, when i'm bored i write to oprah...sue me. she's one of my many inspirations (think back to me loving the color purple) anyways. one of the producers from the show called to ask me some more questions...had me crying a little bit even. who knows. they asked me to submit a picture and said they'd be in touch. wouldn't that be a hoot? my best bud j and i always said we'd be on the show some day...back then we thought it would be to promote our new book _kiwi power_ but this will do for now : )

have fun halloweenies!


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