when the dog bites when the bee stings

ahhh i have to give props to the things that make me happy...specifically today:

pottery barn...there's just something about those wonderful lil emails i receive that contain yummy pictures of pretty pretty things. the moments when i get excited over p.b. and vacuum cleaners let me know that yes indeed i am becoming a big kid. a kidult if you will...

fall....ever since i was a kid i've had this appreciation for the season...leaves get crispy, football starts, the temperature drops to a bearable level...it's one of the few transitions in life i can actually take without freaking out : )

The fact that I got an email from my agent asking me if I was a hard core college basketball fan …brought up memories of ku : ) I'm not a HUGE gi-normous fan by any means. (never date players on the team then it becomes synomous with ice cream dates and cute movies…oh the tangents i digress upon) anywho, i love my alma mater and i miss walking on campus, falling asleep near tulips and my cute little apartment off of iowa street.

Corinne bailey rae…put your records on…the part where the music seems as though it's about to stop and then she just blurts out "girl put your records on!" it's beautiful. love it! my brown people weren't really doing anything for me in regards to the craptastic music they were producing...she came at just the right time to save the day.

so yes. nothing eventful happened today by any means. i just enjoyed the little things. life can be a silly thing can't it? i came home from work, put on my boxers and a t shirt and after this blog i'm going to go over my lines to stay fresh and then i think i'll eat the best burritos in the world with my roomie, big B. nothing big but yet it is...

ope one moment of negative naughtiness...so i have yet another big huge frickin fever blister from my delightful wax my chick gave me. you know i love her to death but she's constantly always jackin up my face and making me look like a freak nasty...do i really need to cut her loose or should i just communicate better? t's really the story of my whole life...apply it to whatever and it comes out about the same : )

that's all folks. love the little things. that's my quote for the week. word to your mutha


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