can't blame it on the "hor-mone-ees

So lately I've been a peach to be around. Folks at the job have been busting my chops and I catch myself looking fondly at my degree paperweight wishing i would never have started at this Godawful place. Life goes on though and when it all comes down to it, I'm paying the bills. I'm just in this weird funk. My agent isn't doing ish for me. I keep getting these jobs and opportunities on my own and I haven't a clue how to do the ish for real. I can only do so many non paying short films before I want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. Yes, I want to act, but I'd be doing myself a disservice by spouting goobly gaw about how I don't care for the big stuff. I want to do films that my grandma can go to the movies and The kind that require a significant budget and give me the opportunity to look at the sets I'm on with pride and think "man I've made it, oh hi Mr. Spielberg, I didn't see you there...lunch? why sure. Let me check my calendar" There's nothing wrong with shooting big and only wanting the best....

Wedding stuff has also got me down...I love it that my childhood best friend is getting married and I'm going back home to Texas, but man it sucks that my parents are trying to put me in the middle--asking if the other will be going and all that nonsense. Who does that!? THIS is why folks shouldn't divorce...when they do that ish they create crazy irate children that want to cry for no reason at all and bite off the heads of all those that step in their path.

I counter balance that madness with my best friend's wedding. She'll send me links to reception halls and such and I just want to blink myself back to Kansas and vicariously live thru her. Ah... to plan a wedding and actually enjoy it. I'm not so sure I'll have that luxury being that I would elope if given the way my folks could be decent to each other...doesn't it suck to be a big kid sometimes?

I would give anything to go back to being 13! All I need/want is some cereal and some old school Saturday morning cartoons, a bike to cruise the neighborhood and I think I'd be set. The responsibilities of being an adult are for the birds I say!

I know folks are curious to hear about the film status...So I'm doing a film called "Chances Are". I play the lead, Kelly...She's this happily married woman who finds out that her husband is cheating on her...with another dude. Sorry to give it away, but you'll be watching it to see if I can actually act or not anyways so I figure it didn't matter all that much ;) It'll be on (is that the correct spelling?) as soon as we shoot it and all that good stuff. I'll keep you posted. I met with the "husband" last weekend and we went over our lines and all that. It amazes me how I can lower all my inhibitions for acting....kissing someone you barely know is a HUGE thing for grammama! I'll let you know how it turns out. Filming begins on Sept 23rd. Fashion show for Aveda is on the 21st. :) I'll have new hair and be pretty. Can't wait. :)

Well it had been a while since I blogged. Hope this was a good catch up session ;) luv and kiwi


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