you say this i say that

there is nothing worse in the world than writing a long beautiful blog and then having myspace erase it...what happens to the lost blogs of the world? is there an alternate universe that collects them?...a more perfect world because you know the first is always the best. you always half ass everything you do after that. hmph. i could be mad and kick my laptop but i've decided to shake it off and try again because this topic i'm about to discuss is just too good to pass up.

so my best gal pal j just wrote a quirky smart blog about words: the ones you love the ones that make you throw up in your mouth a little bit...well at least according to her and it totally inspired me. she's right...words can make or break a mood (or a butt twitch) i love the kind of words that roll off your tongue and make you giggle but more than that i love using words in tish-like ways to create tishisms...i would give an example, but will refrain due to what i'm about to write in a moment. others i'm sure do this's the biggest craze in los angeles...coming up with new phrases like "that's hot, that's bananas yo, bet!, slammin, etc." and whatever else. it's great....we all love using words BUT what i can't stand is when people bite my words and phrases...wha'ts worse is when they use them for their own personal mo jo stuff...more than that when they use my ish ON ME! ha! what kind of game is that?! i seriously get butt twitches off of that. i mean i can understand if you're hanging with me for a minute you'll pick up phrases such as "heifa", "chickadee", and my annoying odd laugh but come phrases...and used with such confidence and ownership...tut tut. STOP!

that's my rant for the week. mad props to you jentar for your wonderful blog and the words that made me giggle today.

PEACE, layaz, ta ta for now, ciao, BYE!


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