saturdays at the musuem

i hate myspace. how many times have i typed that? if it erases my blog one more time....and this one was good damn it! i'm gonna try to shake off the myspace annoyances and just get all this out. bare with me.

so this weekend has been spectacular! yesterday at work i had this sugar rush that seriously lasted all day with no crashes. i was dancing and goofing off the whole work day and just having a blast with my buds. then afterwards i went and saw the movie, "monster house" and it was really good. total adult humor--had me rolling and even a little spooked in certain parts. yes, i'll admit it. :) then today i woke up early and got all my business out of the way and then had time to come home, watch some girlie flicks with my girl and take a nap before heading off to the african american museum.

the museum seriously took me to another world. today they had three exhibits; one for celia cruz, the negro baseball league and rwanda orphans. words can't describe how moved i was. i started off in the room that the museum always has which covers the basic black experience. it moves thru african tribal pieces, to the black west, reconstruction a little, the civil rights era and black image in general thru the eyes of african americans (huge important detail) then i went to celia cruz's room and was blown away. i found her years ago when she did a song with wyclef, but i wasn't prepared for how phenomenal she was as a woman. she's one of my new sheroes. she brought this positive force...this happy energy...this "AZUCAR"! that's addicting to watch. they had screens showcasing her music performances and i just sat there on a bench in awe. she had one performance where she sang a lullabye she said she would have sang to her child if she would have been able to have them and it had me was so raw and honest. ugh.

the other two exhibits had similar crying effects on me. how can you not cry when you see the oppressed's eyes...whether it be black men at the turn of the century who just wanna play the game or hutu and tutsi orphans...their eyes were all the same. tears kept welling up.

it was a great day to be alive. i can't believe i'm actually typing this, but i'm falling in love with los angeles. it took me some time, but where else can you get this type of day at your fingertips? there's culture bursting from every crevice of this city. at the museum i picked up a flyer for this book reading that will take place in a couple of weeks. it looks dope. it's a book of essays that examine "the simple fact that authenticity is far more complicated than one's choice of words or music". lol...basically the story of my life but yeah. i'm totally down to go. it'll be back at the museum so i'll have a new spot :)

i've been brought back to the middle today. it's these types of day that push me to appreciate life for all its worth. now i'm about to get ready to appreciate life a little more. my boy mateo is leaving me for a new state with his girlfriend....i know, alas i will no longer have my token white boy best guy friend around. he's having a pub party tonight so i'm going to bid him farewell. chug back a couple with him...trying to be supportive. TRYING!

tomorrow i have another audition, but this time it's in burbank so i'll get to go have dinner with a girlfriend of mine afterwards. the whole weekend is just crazy cool. i love it....gotta have these types of weekends more often!


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