saturday morning thoughts

i hate myspace. if it erases one more of my blogs.....OOOO! i'm gonna hurt something. how frustrating is that?! now you understand why the blogs dwindle at times.

so what i was writing (groan) was....

los angeles definitely has its moments. one of the sista girls is in town visiting so thursday night i took her out dancing at a club and we had a blast. dennis rodman was there. i thought that was totally hilarious so i agreed to go to his VIP room to observe the craziness we all hear about but unfortunately it was quite borring back there....besides his pimp suit attire. we left after 10 minutes to go back out and dance.

i plan to take her out today for lunch and hang some cleaning and finish unpacking. yesterday i went out and got a cd case for all my cd' was a sad moment for me. i'm kind of weird about how much i love to stack cds when they're in their cute tidy little packages. alas it doesn't really fit with my new tiny little spaced life so i had to pitch the darn things. sniff...don't ask. it's just a thing i have...had.

tomorrow i have an audition too for a short film. it should be a nice chill and hopefully successful weekend. the part i'm trying out for is interesting...she's a lot like me. it seems like a good thing but it would require me to start exposing parts of tishy...secrets to the bat cave... i'm a soldier though so i'm cool :) i'm just happy to deal with some acting stuff for a change

last night i also booked a plane ticket home :) it's time to go see my peoples and get some of my ground back!!! oh yeah baby!


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