on my own

when i say that i've lived alone and independently for years i mean lone ranger style...but when i say i've always lived by other's standards and never went from my gut it's a sick sad fact. for once in my life...i'm tonto-less but cool. i'm making some hard decisions and i feel like everyone's got an opinion on these new insights and choices. it's hard. it sends mixed signals. my girl b says i'm a drama queen and i can see that. i'm that girl that tells all her business and expects her gals to lend an ear...i took advantage of that for years but i have to be a big girl now. i'm 25 years old damn it. i've got some brains...i can be an intelligent person from time to time. i've gotten tish this far and i think i can do a pretty good job of taking her further..it scares me that people don't have faith in my ability to handle stuff. i guess it's time to show rather than tell, huh? i plan on doing some things for me in the next month...i'm going to the african american history museum...catch a movie some sunday afternoon alone...do stuff for me. introverted me is kind of scary but it's worth it. insight sho did take me long enough to find!


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