lucky strike or maybe not so much

so last weekend was an interesting adventure. the auditions were fun but i haven't a clue how long you wait before realizing that you didn't get the part/role, etc. i had fun though, right? then saturday morning i woke up feeling like a million dollars. i went and got my eyebrows waxed and when i say this woman who does them is amazing...i drive 20 minutes to pasadena just so i can lay down and have this divine woman massage my temples and eyebrows and make me inhale peppermint's the bomb. i did that and then landed a gig next month modeling for an aveda hair show...go me. i guess it pays to have a good hair day, huh? i was feeling so good afterwards that i decided to go get a tangerine frap at starbucks and then i shopped for "feel good" know the kind that are cheap and make you feel pretty. i ended up at jcrew of course because they use the best cottony materials...i got a little something for me and my roomie b and called it a morning. i spent the rest of the day attempting to clean and unpack stuff, but we got hooked on sex and the city (i own all of them suckas!) and thus i had a perfect chill day.

that night i invited a new friend of mine Nato to go lucky strike bowling with b and i...there were countless others invited to the shindig but alas they have no concept of how much fun a night with some balls can be (hee hee....) for those of you who don't know lucky strike is the bomb if done occasionally. it's kind of pricy but it's right down in hollywood and you'll see famous people from time to time...not to mention a nice mixed crowd. we saw a dude from the real world actually. we got there at an awkward time so we had a little waiting to do. i knew i needed to remain hyped so i went to the bar by myself and began to party with a little drink that i love, pineapple juice and rum. ah...why i didn't stop after the second one?...hmmm. i got out to the lanes and seriously fell and landed straight on my knee yes folks i was the dumb drunk stupid girl for once. i guess we just all have our moments, eh? it was fun though! i broke 100 two times lol...i was a little rusty but i'm a soldier! then sunday i hauled more crap to pooped and decided to get more tangerine starbucks...tish days have to return...reading good books...good vibes...chill weather. sigh...

my goal for this week is to have more of those moments. one of the sista girls is in town on business so thursday night i plan to take her out to this hot little club down in hollywood and kick it. enjoy a plane ticket home to see my friends and family. it's a good week i must say...a dang good week!

sorry for the lack of blogs...internet was down folks. bummer!


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