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it's officially the weekend and i don't know what it is about this it but i know it's gonna be a memorable one. i can just feel it in the air...

i had another one of those days where things just seemed to go my way. i went and picked up the cd by corinne bailey rae, grabbed some new books for my upcoming plane trips and just hung out with my fatigued bud and roomie, b. it was and still is the perfect day for putting life in perspective. for a quick minute i was getting really caught up in what others would think about my life choices...i was so scared to disappoint those i keep in my close circle but it was making me sick literally. the minute i made an independent choice i felt a frickin weight being lifted and although my current decisions may come as a surprise, my peeps have been surprisingly supportive (thank you justin...even if you did agree to be supportive with the stipulation that i get you an agent). no need to fret ya' actions may confuse, but i always have the revolutionary petunia in mind. i'm heading home next weekend and it's just in girls back there need the rational and put together tish and i plan to bring them just that.

ok enough of that...this weekend i plan to live life to the fullest. tomorrow my girl and i plan to drop off my car at the shop (does anyone want to buy me a toyota prius?!!!) then we're going to the rose bowl to walk for an hour, followed by a nice eyebrow wax, some breakfast...a shower! and then we're heading out to hermosa beach where we plan to kick it at a little place called "sangria" fitting since it's my favorite thing in the world.

it's gonna be a great weekend ya'll!


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