just call me phinneus gage

so i'm so grouchy that my crouchiness is making me grouchy...i have this obnoxious cough that keeps me up at nights....i'm going on i believe week three of hacking my lungs up and so the sleep deprivation is finally getting to me. i've been a peach at work let me tell you. i'm fed up with my agent who is hysterically enough lost my headshots and resumes i just sent him...a pretty penny to replace for little ole me and people who talk to me period...sounds nasty huh? it is. i'm making brownies currently to put myself in a more chipper state of mind. the chocolate whiffs are seeping into my nostrils and feeling me up with warm lovely seratonin...mmmm. see that easy. maybe people should pump chocolate aromas thru dismal places...it could work.

count down to kc begins today...two days suckas! wooo hooo!


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