i was right

i predicted right...my weekend was amazingly chill and wonderful. friday i was pleasantly surprised by this band i went and saw in simi valley. my ex coworker plays guitar and has this awesome woman who sings with him. they did a lot of great beatles songs and then some other goodies new and old. the lady had this amazingly gritty but sweet voice. the most touching part of the evening though was when she was getting so into one of her songs that she couldn't finish because she got a little choked up. when was the last time you saw lyrics affect someone on stage like that?

saturday was amazing too. i woke at 6:30 to the delightful sounds of my little homie, b's child, asking if he could watch cartoons J so i had a good head start. i took my car in (groan) and then b picked me up so that we could hang out in pasadena. i got my eyebrows pretty (hee hee), we had breakfast at one of my favorite little restaurants called mi piace and walked around and shopped for a while. i bought this beautiful (and might i add cheap) dress that i ended up wearing that night too. it was just one of those days where you just chill and do what you please, go wherever the wind takes you....and actually take the time to appreciate the fact. we came home around 2 or so and started getting ready for hermosa beach, putt on our new duds and then headed out, stopping at titos tacos along the way. the BEST tacos and salsa i've ever had ya'll...it was amazing and there was a line for days. (just one of those city gems you find if youre lucky)

we arrived in hermosa and went to this little place sangria and spent the rest of the evening eating, drinking, laughing and dancing...it was lovely...just carefree and perfect.

sunday was pretty cool too. i did my errands for the day and then went and saw the movie invincible which was amazingly great i have to say. i love football even if i can't catch all the games i would like to, there's just something about football season that makes life just a little more better. i can remember being a kid and crunching thru the fall leaves knowing that i was on my way home to watch football with my dad; giggling as he sang the monday night football song asking me if I was ready J (he just sent me a text asking me if i was ready for football just now...see!) some things in life are just sacred and that movie captured the spirit of the game and good ole fashion friendship and love that movies have been missing lately...at least in my opinion.

i have a bounce in my step today because of all of that. J this week will be amazing too. i get to see my girl jeniper this weekhow frickin awesome is that?!!! i can't wait to just kick back in lawrence, go to our favorite little bar that serves sangria...laugh with my girl, hang with the guys, catch up with my college buddies that still live in the area. i'm a lucky girl.


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