beauty in a breakdown

i was just listening to that song so there's the scoop on the blog title folks. this isn't a dramatic "whoas me" one so you're safe for now :) i'm still doing good...still excited to embark on the whole dating myself thang. today was a good day. i've swapped a couple of emails back and forth with a good friend of mine who has just moved to baltimore...she's doing amazing things and showing those punks on the east coast she ain't puttin up with any bull spit.

then there's my newest buddy (we'll call her a for short) who is totally getting me right's crazy. electronic support and understanding is always a good thing!

then there's me, myself and i. i was reading an article about luke wilson today in Elle magazine and how hard it was for him to get work after bottle rocket...things like that push me to do the things i need to do out here. i don't know why i've been lagging so much. there are these commercials on tv of girls and boys doing all this ish just to get a little extra money so that they can put it towards their dream... (one shows a girl trying to be a ballerina. the other-- a guy who saves and saves to buy a guitar).

i need to get my ish together because the auditions have been funny. i've gotten to a point where i laugh because i seriously have been doing HORRIBLE in them. i need to take classes on that ish lol. i'll admit it! saving up money for that and an apartment of my own though lol. i'm so lazy silly right now. i have to change that. i have to be almost annoyingly aggressive when it comes to my dreams. someone please shake me! ok bed time. just thought i'd pour everything out of my head :) felt good. thanks for listening.

p.s. i just had this AMAZING drink. it's this all natural juice...cranberry lemonade. yummy stuff. it's the little things in a sip of cranberry lemonade that make me melt like butta. now my girl has me watching some crazy scary movie. who will volunteer to hold me when i sleep? :)


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