August 26th will officially mark my one year anniversary of knowing my friends here in California. Its funny that I really didnt put too much on my one year to move to Califor some reason this date seems a little more important. I can remember this time last year feeling like Californians were the coldest people I had ever met. I couldnt make a friend if my life depended on it, but then one random Friday night I decided to join my uncle for a happy hour celebration for his job and voila! I met folks that I actually had something in common with. B will laugh and tell you that I forced her to be my friend and shes telling the truth. I knew a good thing when I met it. Now here we are almost a year later and were joined at the hip. Funny how life works outI love my friends and I love that night because it introduced me to a whole new can of worms that has made my life here in LA quite interesting

Ive been scared to reflect on my year thus far because I dont feel like Ive really done much, but I plan on correcting that this year. I still have things I want to do with my friends to guarantee Im enjoying the process on the way to my goals..its just a matter of balancing such things. For instance, this weekend I plan to go see a workmate's band perform with some friends of mine and then Saturday Im heading out to a beach with my girls to hang out and relax.

Work today is heinous. Im not in the mood to do stuff..more in a contemplative state of mind. My latest observationhuman beings abilities to think of humans as creatures capable of perfection. Yes we all talk about how no one can be perfect, but when people make mistakesbig mistakes were crushed, heartbroken, disappointed, the works. Im realizing for the first time that I was such a person. Theanne frank syndrome (I believe people are good at heart) mentality is always a refreshing and great outlook to have, but when you dont leave room for error you get a hard slap of reality thats hard to let go. What caused me to think this way? Thinking that people dont lie, cheat, lose hope, etc. is very naïve. Did I learn it from the tv or what?! Its crazy. Things have changed lately. Ive had time to sit back and think about life and Ive come to the conclusion that Im not cynicalI still hold my friends to a level of decencythink that for the most part theyre going to respect people and do good things, but I wont knock them for the mistakes eitherI give credit to Nick Hornbythe author of _How to be Good_. Without his clever writing abilities I dont think I would have given this subject that much thought. It's definitely a good read for all and don't get it twisted...he definitely makes fun of those trying to be goody goodies in the's Nick Hornby for goodness sakes!


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