work in progress

so i'm still working on getting the hate out of my heart. that's a very complicated and taxing goal ya'll. i catch myself wanting to play the boo hoo, pity me please role but it's kind of old don't you think? today i, along with my two friends from work, moved my heifa ass couch down 48 stairs, into a truck and then into a storage facility...nice. i'm a hoss for that one! it's a good finish to the end of my first year in los angeles. did ya'll know that? the 29th marks one year. how far i've come...i can remember driving out...hyperventilating to my best friend asking myself what in the world i was thinking. i had no idea what to idea i'd end up where i am now. i've had some good times, some great times and some really hard times. i'm hoping my time to shine is coming soon. i've had some hard patches...i think it's time.

i'm in eagle rock for the last night... i leave for oregon tomorrow (blog about that later) and when i get back i'll be living in a new place, free to audition like a mad dog, single...i'm ready to see just what tish merritt is capable of. i've become so dependent on others this year. no mas...

here we go!


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