and now for know there's a rule..."what happens in vegas, stays in vegas" BUT i figure i can give the edited version for the kiddies :) that outting was sadly needed. it was so wonderful being around fun girls that just wanted to enjoy what life has to offer. i woke up at the crack of dawn on saturday morning and headed over to my girl T's house to meet up with the rest of the girls and then we were off. we arrived at the airport early and actually sat in line with eva i was a dork-i'll admit it. i was a little freaked to have someone so close do something so cool that i want to do. EVERY body was going to vegas!

we landed and immediately hit up the hotel pool for some nice relaxing rays...only to find out las vegas was going thru a record heat wave so we sat in the pool with liquor for the whole morning..i don't know if i've ever drank that early without the heat. it was a loopy experience that's for sure :) i didn't contemplate life too much and for once that was a good thing. we napped, ate great food, layed by the pool some more, ate some more great food and then went dancing...dancing hard core until 3 something in the morning. there were cute men....but i can so tell i wasn't ready for all of that. my cuteness was very forced unfortunately. i was harboring strong mood swings lol...sigh. one of my boys from back home has a girl friend who happened to be in town so she met us up at the club and THAT was the best part..chillin with the girls and laughing over things unsaid. i didn't go to bed saturday night...we were on the early bird this morning and i've been ms zombie ever since but i loved my time in vegas. thank you G, E and T. :)


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