vegas and tahoe and oregon oh my!

so all i can say is my friends are the bomb diggidy! i know i've been debbie downer for quite some time but cut me some slack, i had my heart smashed a little bit, kinda hard, wallopped into the dust and it's gonna take some time to pick up all the pieces, dust 'em off and put it back together. the beautiful part is i don't have to do that nasty little task alone...i've got these wonderful people in my life that are coming at me from every direction. today out of the blue my girl T sends me a text asking me to jump on the vegas bandwagon...i of course was trying to get the heck out of dodge this weekend because my best girl b is going to vegas for a bachelorette party and i had no clue how i would function being stuck at home alone for an entire weekend so the idea of vegas was sounding pretty darn it's a total swingers type of thing...we'll call it research for a future film i may be in. then just a moment ago my twin from some other kin calls me up and is bringing me to her humble abode for a nice littl trip next weekend...tahoe here we come! she did warn me that her and her hubbie are going to give me a little lecture...i assume this has to do with picking the oh so wrong guy and then not telling my twin from some other kin about this oh so wrong guy...gulp. i'll take it like a souljah i will!  i've never been so it'll be a nice new and fresh journal recent ones have been unbearable i must say.  then after that is my glorious family reunion with my dad's side of the family...white water rafting...clean! the last weeks of july are gonna be so good for my soul. i'm beaming now and it hasn't even begun!  it's crazy how jumbled my emotions currently are but i'd rather have it like this then just plain old sadness any day! my goals for the week...start the moving procedures...need a truck, someone to lift my beast of a couch down the stairs and some storage....oh yeah i guess some boxes too...then i have to take glamorous no makeup bikini shots to submit to some modeling agencies. it's time to get out from behind that nasty office desk i'm in. if i can make good mulah while moving closer to acting i'm gonna take it. Bet!. so here we's practically tuesday. this week is flying by don't you think?! :)


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