too cool to settle suckas!

so someone from work today asked me how it was possible for me to get over my heartbreak so answer to that came in two parts...first of all who said i'm over it? i feel like the most cynical woman on the face of the planet right now. second part: i can't mope around for long. it's not my style and i seriously have to focus on the dreams i came out here to do dang it...a relationship would have been great and groovy to help me with the hard, love, yadda yadda BUT i CAN still do it alone. duh. so there's my answer. :)

today was a good day. any day i get to go get my eyebrows waxed is a good day. i feel pretty and hairless again. i sat there and told the chick who does my waxes the whole story of what this dude did to me and she frickin felt so bad for me she gave me this half hour massage that was i should grieve more often at spas! i did have an aha moment maybe hypothetically i do find someone some day. now with out a doubt i know what i want and what i don't want...i know what to look for as well when weeding out the a holes so maybe my next go around will be a good one....IF there is one that is. :)

ok my home dawg from work wants me to watch this soccer flick with elijah wood that's supposed to rock. i'm about to put it in and enjoy being a cool hairless diva that is too good to settle for shitty boys. :)


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